Monday, 28 September 2015

Flight of the UCM: Day 1

I love Invasion
The pinnacle of the Dropzone tournament calendar. It has been getting bigger and better each year. Lots of familiar faces to give man-hugs to and lots of new faces, which is tremendous to see, it means that there is still a large pull for Dropzone. Dropzone is certainly growing.

So how did I do, well 4th. Which is my lowest placement in a Dropzone tournament since my first one (where I was 5th). But I'm not as disappointed as you may think. There were a hell of a lot of good players with challenges from Sweden, Holland, Scotland and Germany, not to mention all the other English clubs too. Add to the fact the recent errata updates and new units released and what you have is a very balanced field.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Invasion Sep 2015 - The Pictures

By the oil of a Zeus I took a lot of pictures over the weekend, but as promised (and in no particular order, balls to organizing these) here they are! Boom!!

Friday, 25 September 2015

Invasion - What Did We Learn?

Game 5 on top 3 tables, L to R: Pete (Sgt Slaughter), 
Joe (skullsword), Dan (Zombiestate), Mike (Mega Mike)
The Invasion has now been and gone, and has left Croydon as nothing more than a smouldering crater (not that anyone could tell, or mind in fact). The battles raged long and hard for two days, culminating in the eventual crowning of a supreme general. Friendships were made, models were broken, and hugs were given out a little too freely.

You're sure to have noticed the lack of post on Monday, but I have an excuse; my brain was still a puddle of useless, pink, molten goo, which had overheated and melted after 12.5 hours of hard thinking. It was sloshing about inside my skull, so on Monday I siphoned it out, froze it back to shape  (in my handy brain shaped ice cube tray) and popped it back in. Seriously though I was shattered, and realistically we haven't had much news to rush to the PC to transcribe. Apart from the renders of UCM dropfleet frigates I have literally no exclusives to report. Which sucks. It would be fair to blame the KickStarter, and also the upcoming Reconquest Phase 2, but I'm in a petulant mood so I'll be blaming S and J Hawk (for no particular reason).

Friday, 18 September 2015

Live coverage of Invasion this weekend

The armies are ready to be fielded in the warzone, Intelligence is ready to dispense special orders at their commanders whim, and the dice are preped ready to be rolled. Well, almost. Some generals will be working to the wee hours of the morning, but hey, that's a tournament tradition.

That's right, for those of you who have had not only your heads in the ground, but your entire bodies, Invasion is here! Almost sixty Commanders of Dropage will bear down on Croydon for the next two days, and fight to become not only the most renowned commander, but also be part of the strongest team.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

OB Podcast Episode 9: Prevasion: The Return

So it’s been a while again. Damn life for being so lifey, and full of nonsense!
Invasion is approaching fast and we are all excited for the pinnacle of the tournament year.
We had a few interruptions whilst recording the pod including Sgt. Slaughters first bumbling appearance on our sacred sound-waves. Also there was an England match on the telly (my fault!). I might have also been eating fried chicken too.

I know, I know - very unprofessional.......

Friday, 11 September 2015

UCM hobby update; it flies

You may or may not remember from my post a few weeks ago where I was showing off my new Praetorians, that I mentioned a little project that involved a couple of Neptune's and a Ferrum.

Well I have finally finished that little project so you can the fruits of my labour below.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Hazard Warning: The Medusa(s)

I have now had the privilege misfortune of playing against the Medusa, or should I say Medusas or is it Medusai, actually that sounds like Me-juicy - I digress. 

DON'T look in her eyes..........the EYES!!!!!!!

I had a game against Ed (TechBoy2000) and although he was wasteful of the Triton X's and the Medusa's abilities I can see massive potential for the unit - especially working in tandem..........shudder

Friday, 4 September 2015

Why Fly When You Can Drive?

Mask - Confusing cars for planes since 1985
When people think Dropzone Commander, they are sure to think of active, cinematic battles taking place between two detachments which are deployed via dropship into premium tactical positions. Boiling it down even further, you are going to be thinking of dropships. Dropships, to drop your tanks into the dropzone, right? This method of deployment isn't always the case though, and some armies prefer to use as few dropships as possible. Enter the drive on squad. It isn't uncommon to see entire tank formations trundle on the board edge, and for those new or unfamiliar to the game it could beg the question; Why?!

In this post I'll be running through why we drive units on and some of the better units to do it with. So tug on your driving gloves and take the roof down, let's get the wind in our hair! And if you've been drinking, don't worry, this is private land...

Note: The subject matter of this post was inspired by one of our reader's who asked about the benefits of driving vehicles on. If you have any questions ping them over to and I will be happy to answer them; who knows, you may even get a post about your query!