Wednesday, 26 April 2017

New Ships At Salute 2017

Salute has now been and gone, and with it not a whole lot of new information from Hawk about their plans for the year. This was to be expected however, and I'm not too concerned about their outlay; they do live in the thirteenth hour after all!

In addition to the last minute reveal of their Dropzone Commander show only model for this year, the Shaltari Scorpion, there were also some 3D Masters for a couple of new Cruisers (correct the classes if I'm wrong in the comments, I'm only guessing on the size of the ships) on display!

The Akuma comes in at the size of half an ice lolly, split vertically up the stick, and if you put your ear to it you can hear the sound of a shoal of sperm whales. The Perth just has lots of guns, of course. It is a UCM ship in Dropfleet after all...

Also on show were the new Advanced Sector tokens, which I think we've seen before, but not painted? I don't know, just enjoy the picture.

And that's that! A short but sweet post for you Fleetists out there, and a little late now, but I forgot I had the pictures on my phone until literally 10 minutes ago, so sue me. Actually don't, we have too many American readers to leave an invitation like that in the open...

Apologies for the poor focus picture


  1. The Akuma and Perth are both battlecruisers, the ones that will be available thru normal retail channels, unlike the Kickstarter exclusive battlecruisers. Each faction has two battlecruisers coming. Many Fleetists are eagerly awaiting their arrival on the shelves of their FLGS's.

    Thanks for the pics, and the mini post! (Well, it's something!...)

  2. Love the advanced sectors - any news on release date of these?

    1. I believe that the general release expectations are, 1) Command Cards end of this month (in 2 days? :? ), Advanced Sectors "in a month", and Battlecruisers "after that", so in another month after the Advanced Sectors...(?)

      "Soon. Generally, soon."

      Best I can do, chap... 8^D